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Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country. The extremely flat land (on average 30meters above sea level) is located in Germany's northern border between theNorth Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. Denmark consists of 407 islands. The largest being Zealand, NorthJutland and Funen. Bornholm islocated 150 km from Copenhagen, but only about 40 km from the Swedish southcoast. The Jutland Peninsulaforms the 300 km long Danish mainland. Thetotal length of the coastline is about 7400 km. Of these, about 5,000 km to Badensuitable. At no point in Denmarkis further than 55 km from the sea.


Approximately7400 km of coastline along the North and Baltic Sea with partially endlessbeaches waiting in the summer on the Denmark Visitors. While the North Sea coast between theGerman border and Cape Grenen are suitable for very north of the Jutlandpeninsula rather for the hardy among tourists, it is a little less windy andquiet on the Baltic Sea. Whentraveling to Denmark next to the cycling and swimming, sailing, surfing,canoeing, fishing or golfing are among the most popular tourist activities.

Almosthalf of the income from tourism goes to German families back to spend theirholidays in the child-friendly Denmark, often in cozy cottages orwell-maintained campgrounds with many activities for children that can beemployed even in bad weather.In the summer you can see in Denmark also manyItalians fleeing the Mediterranean heat and relaxation are looking for here.Visit a car rental company to get which bring you to the all attractive places in Denmark just by paying few dollars.

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