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Partners for the 2012 European Table Tennis Championships

Sport Event Denmark

Sport Event Denmark is the Danish national sports event organization with the main objective of attracting and organising major international sports events and sports congresses.

During the event process Sport Event Denmark operates in close cooperation with the event rights holder, the local organising committee and the host city. This means an active involvement all the way from the vital bidding process, to the careful event planning and marketing until the event is successfully delivered.

Very importantly, Sport Event Denmark recognizes the importance of adding value to an event and its owner and always strive do its utmost to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

Herning Kommune

With it's more than 86,000 inhabitants, Herning is not one of Denmark’s biggest cities, but as a power centre, Herning’s influence is felt far beyond the municipal borders. Resourceful politicians, enterprising business people and hard working citizens have ensured over the years that Herning is now a centre of growth, education (university city) and experiences for the entire central and west Jutland area.

A spirit of entrepreneurship, dynamism and energy have always characterised the Herning area, which was far from well endowed by nature. In a mere hundred or so years, Herning has grown up on what was originally a hostile flat heathland. This historic beginning has compelled the area’s citizens and decision makers to assume responsibility, work hard and see opportunities where others saw only limitations.

The city is now harvesting the fruits of this and to a high degree. In the last decade alone, development in the city has been explosive with a large number of imposing new buildings, new educational programs, while Herning has also established itself as a leading venue for major sport and culture events such as the 2012 European Tabletennis Championships.